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So much has been misconstrued on the apocalypse in that so many have made attempts to cram modern day events into Matthew 24 and the Revelation. For a study on the truth concerning these two books as they relate to history please visit:

"Matthew 24- A Study on the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD".  

Have you resolved to read through the Bible in a year yet? See our updated Readings/Daily Bible Reading to resolve to do just that. 

According to Jerimiah 29:13 "You will seek Me and find Me, when you seek Me with all your heart". Some tools to help those who are seeking Biblical truth can be found in our new link; "http://seektheoldpaths.com/stop.html".  

Do you wish to give up an addiction? See "Pressing Forward" for a Bible-based approach.

Please go to "Photo Galleries" to see slides on the new work beginning in Sierra Leone. For the proposed budget on this work please click here. If you would like to support this work click on the Christian Research Bible College Newsletter (vol. 2; vol. 3; vol. 4; vol. 5; vol. 6for more information. 

Do you have children or grandchildren that you would like to introduce to The Bible? I have authored and illustrated three Bible based children's story books and a coloring book that are available through Amazon. The first one; "The Patience of Job" the second; "Noah" and the third "Jonah". The coloring book; "Noah Coloring Book". The books are $10 each and the coloring book is $5.50, with proceeds benefitting either The Ghana Bible College in Kumasi, Ghana, Africa, or graduate Joseph Anthony Yillia toward his work in establishing The Christian Research Bible College in Sierra Leone. I hope to be adding to that list in the near future, if the Lord wills. Thank you in advance for your support in this vital mission.

 (This site is soley supported through personal resources and does not accept funding through outside contributions. If you wish to donate to any of the above listed missions, contact me through the "About Us" section of this site or the link to the CRBC Newsletter. Thank you.)

Have you ever asked "Why was Christ baptized?"   The Baptism of Christ will help you understand how His baptism "initiated" Him into the office of High Priest as well as how anyone can become a member of the New Testament priesthood today.


"The one who can believe in nothing can believe in anything.
The one who can believe in anything can believe in everything.
The one who can believe in everything can believe in nothing.
Only the one who can believe in something can find truth!
Which one are you?
Charli Yana -2011

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 "The one who believes and is baptized will be saved,

but the one who refuses to believe will be condemned."

Jesus Christ  (Mark 16:16)

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