The following books are available through Amazon and/or Xulon.

  1. Pressing Forward: Bible-Based Addiction Recovery by Trent Childers
  2. The Eternal Kingdom: A History of The Church of Christ by F.W. Maddox and John McRay
  3. How We Got the Bible by Neil R. Lightfoot
  4. The Quran Unvieled by Dave Miller
  5. That We May Share His Holiness: A Fresh Approach to Church Discipline by Tommy South
  6. Dead Sea Scrolls: The Untold Story by Kenneth Hanson, Ph.D.
  7. The Hosts of Heaven: A Biblical Study of Angels by Travis L. Quertermous/ Forward by Wayne Jackson
  8. Islam in Christ's Eyes by Wissam Youssif
  9. Surveying the Evidence by Wayne Jackson, Eric Lyons and Kyle Butt
  10. The Day-Age Theory: A Refutation- Apologetics Press
  11. The Avenging of the Apostles and Prophets by Arthur Ogden